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About Brekkukot and why you should choose to stay here 

In the year 2012 I had the opportunity to buy Brekkukot and to reconstruct it to my liking. The house has now been fully renovated inside and out and opened for guests in October 2016.
Brekkukot is my home but I also rent it out for others to enjoy.

Accomodation for up to  10 people.

I'm Herdís, born and raised here in Skagafjordur North Iceland.  I'm self-employed and have been working in the tourist industry in Skagafjordur since 1997. I have operated Áskaffi, café at the Skagafjordur Heritage Museum in Glaumbær since 2001. In the summer time, my focus is on my job and taking care of my guests. In the winter time, for example, I like to sing with my good companions in the Skagfirski kammerkórinn, which is a local choir.

Brekkukot Luxury Farmhouse stands on private property in Akrahreppur, Skagafjordur, Northwest Iceland. It is situated in a beautiful countryside with glorious views and a good location. It is surrounded by fertile farmland and prospective visitors can enjoy observing everyday farming activities, sitting on the terrace of the house. Brekkukot offers a unique experience and opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, while providing all the modern amenities necessary for a comfortable stay. It is an ideal place for families or groups of friends that want to stay in a homely place, away from other travellers. It is a place for relaxation, enjoying the moment and the wonderful surroundings, for instance sitting in the cosy hot pot which is always ready for use at 39° C. The excellent location provides you with good opportunities for exploring nature for instance bird life and local flora as well as observing the farm animals, cows, even sheep, grazing in the nearby fields. In summer, the midnight sun and in winter the northern lights create magical and stunning moments!

Brekkukot gets it cold and fresh drinking water from a spring up on the hill nearby. And our local geothermal hot water that heats up the house and the hot pot comes from local spring in Varmahlið.

Breakfast is included in the price you pay for the Farmhouse. I use local food as much as possible and I bake my own breads and cakes which I offer you while you stay. Traditional Icelandic dinner can be orderd in advance, honouring local cuisine. An interesting option for guests wanting to taste something authentic and local.

Hospitality is my goal and I put great emphasis on comfort and a friendly atmosphere. I welcome you to my home to stay and look forward to seeing you.

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